Thursday, November 26, 2015

I am a hopeless romantic. I know i have a soulmate out there somewhere and I’m dying to meet them.
I am open minded. I accept people for who they are and make sure I’m never too quick to judge.
I am kind. I see this as one of the most important qualities. 
I am spiritual. I believe that there is more to this universe than what we can see. 
I am a sensitive soul. I take things to heart and subconsciously overthink situations. 
I am driven. I am constantly striving for self improvement. 
I am creative. I feel a sense of calmness when I paint, sketch or write. 
I am goofy. I’m drawn to those that make me laugh.
I am spontaneous. I act now, and think later. 

I am positive. I know everything happens for a reason, sometimes we just don’t know what that reason is yet.