Monday, November 7, 2011

It’s so hard yet at the same time- so empowering. To know that you have the courage to say ‘I’m better than this’. It’s tough to explain but that feeling of letting go of something that is just not right, it’s the most beautiful strength. I always feel so calm and content when I’m able to come to this sudden realisation… to finally be one of those people who stop complaining about something and actually fix the problem.

Although it’s a lonely world out there, I’d rather have a few really genuine ethical people in my life – compared to a whole heap of friends who are purely friends for the superficial value.

 Give me people who listen to problems and actually care to help. Who won’t hang up the phone until I sound like I’m smiling again. People who will put up with the bad jokes I make and throw an even worse joke back in my face – just so i don't feel like an idiot. Show me the absolute trust and loyalty that I share with very few but special people. Just to know that whatever happens, I’ll always have a shoulder to drench with my tears, no matter how expensive the shirt you’re wearing may be. Without somehow using me to get to the next social status in your life, but always showing me the nurturing qualities in which I provide you. Having an honest and tactful way of telling me something even when it’s an uncomfortable conversation. Tough love is a lifesaver. After all we only really ever listen to our loved ones.

I know i'm not asking for too much, as I've witnessed it before. The simplest of sayings “treat people how you want to be treated” is just so completely misunderstood by most people in this world.


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