Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"This life is a rush of extreme feelings. Love, hate, jealously, desire, admiration...The list goes on. The hardest and strangest thing I have had to realise recently is; we are far better off accepting these feelings and working with them, compared to when we try to deny them. If we attempt to fight the emotions that our body wants to feel, then the end result will be having deep built up issues long term. I recently experienced a break up, and as they are horrible things to go through…I felt it was absolutely necessary to let myself feel heartbroken, upset, angered, regret, alone etc.
Society has drummed into our minds that we need to fix these feelings and that they are not meant to be there. However, that’s wrong. What was hard to realise -  is that it’s healthy to go through those stages. Accepting those emotions is the difference between the fake happy version of myself, and the real true version of myself. I’m so much happier in the long run being true to my feelings and myself. The gut feeling is the most powerful instinct I’ve ever experienced. It has never been wrong in my eyes. Staying true and honest to your needs and wants is the most precious gift to ones self."


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